Presentation Design Recommendations

When developing a presentation, we strongly recommend sticking to the following requirements:

  1. Each slide of the presentation should contain the Conference logotype (pdf format - download, png format (big, transparent) - download). If desired, you can use a ready-made presentation template (download).
  2. Recommendations on how to show the programming code in your presentations (download).
  3. Font – Arial, minimal size of text – 18 pt. 
  4. No black inscriptions on a lilac background (or other similar combinations). The text should be easy to read. Do not use soft “pastel” shades (for example, light pink). They are hard to see. 
  5. It is necessary to use the space of the screen (slide) in full, for example, stretching drawings. 
  6. Whenever possible, use the top 3/4 areas of the screen (slide) because the bottom part of the screen usually is not visible to viewers in the back rows. 
  7. Each slide should have a header. Do not put full stops (periods) at the end of the headings.
  8. Before using screenshots, check the text for errors/misprints. There should not be red (green) underlining errors/misprints on the image. Using preview screenshots is necessary. 
  9. Unnecessary elements (toolbars, menus, empty backgrounds, etc.) should be removed when using screenshots. 
  10. Do not overload slides with animation effects. For a change of slides, use the same animation effect.
  11. Try to avoid video inserts in talks. The size of the presentation is growing exponentially.
  12. If the slide contains units of measure in m2 or m3, it is necessary to use the ascending stroke (superscript). 
  13. Check the correctness of the names of the authors of techniques, etc. Use the built-in features of editors to check spelling and punctuation.
  14. When possible, it is necessary to reduce the length of numbers. For example, instead of 40,000 Euros, it is better to write 40 thou Euros. 
  15. Do not use offensive words on the slides of your presentation or in your speech. Be civilised.
  16. The final slide should contain the main ideas of the presentation. 
  17. Presentations can be prepared in MS Office package version 2019 and above, in Open Office or Libre Office. 
  18. File format - ppt, pptx, pdf or Open Office formats. Prezi and Keynote presentations are not allowed!
  19. We recommend doing the presentations in 16:9 format.
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