Speaker Memorial

Everyone has own understanding on how to make a good report. Below are just basic principles that must be kept in mind during preparation.

  1. The report must be interesting for listeners. This item from the repertoire of Captain obvious, but it does not negate its importance.
  2. Our conference - for analysts!
  3. Any report is interesting as long the audience understands the ultimate goal. Even if the report dealing with the unknown technologies, approaches, methods. If you understand the meaning of the action you try to grasp into the process, because there is always a chance that you will face such a task in your life.
  4. Do not expect that the meaning is obvious for an audience. Most of them do not know the nature of your tasks and challenges of your platform. It is better to clearly explain it from the beginning.
  5. The report should not go into private affairs in a specific technology. Often, such a depth involves the lack of obvious practical value for the listeners. Even for your colleagues on technology. (The purpose is not clear.)
  6. Remember about the Death by PowerPoint.
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