Program Committee

Program Committee

Dmitry Bezugly - Russia, Moscow

More than 5 years of experience in coaching and teaching, author's trainings and courses on project management, leadership and team management, methodologies of software development, requirements management, enterprise architecture and software.

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Irina Surova - Russia, Moscow

Team Lead of system analysts at Kaspersky Lab, a member of the analysts community, speaker at the SAF 2010, 2011, SEF and events of the analysts community. Hold custom courses on the use of Enterprise Architect in relation to specific projects.
More than 10 years in IT, mainly in product development (box products for individuals and corporate customers, customization for a specific customer). She worked in the testing (from the tester to the head of department), created the technology to produce software, now she engaged in the development of system requirements as well as methodological support for the processes of system analysis.
Areas of expertise: systems analysis methodology and its application in practice, methodology, processes, software production, tool support software production processes.

Maxim Tsepkov, Russia, Moscow

Maxim Tsepkov is a co-founder and the chief software architect at the directorate development solutions in CUSTIS company since 1996, he has master degree from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Control/Management and Applied Mathematics department, has many author’s certificates. The main author’s area of interests is the architecture of enterprise information systems, especially searching for balance between the common architecture patterns and practice of specific customized development for unique business processes.

Maxim Tsepkov is an expert in business and system analysis, deployment and development architecture patterns, models and diagrams. Many CUSTIS projects based on several frameworks that developed under the guidance of Maxim Tsepkov. He is the main designer of the application patterns for information system named as Accounting Engine and accounting diagrams, used for visualization and desining of accounting. This technologies used in all company’s projects for business. In fact, Maxim contributes to most of company’s projects. He is competent in design of distributed systems, system integration, and graceful deployment process, when new system gradually replaced the old system without any business-process disturbance.
Maxim contributes to evolution of agile software development process in company and practice of team software design. He is an active of professional conferences and author of various publications in CIO magazines.

Maria Bondarenko, Belarus, Minsk

Director of Generation_P Consulting (product brand - GP Solutions).

More than 10 years in IT. Currently leading development, marketing and sales of complex enterprise solutions for travel companies, as well as implementation of product development model and optimization of company business processes.

Co-author of PMBA project for IT managers and analysts (

Sergey Bondarenko, Belarus, Minsk

Project coordinator and resource manager of ITransition.

15 years in IT with major experience in managing project teams and administrating companies business processes. Hundreds of successful software development and implementation projects.

Co-author of PMBA project for IT managers and analysts (