Anti-COVID measures at the Analyst Days-14 conference

A Covid-Free zone (PCR testing laboratory) will be set up at the venue to improve safety. If you have a QR code, PCR test, vaccination certificate or medical clearance, please present any of the documents at registration. If these are not available, specialists will perform an express test.

Please also use masks throughout the conference.


Additional security measures will be introduced in the hotel's public areas, rooms, restaurant and meeting rooms:

  • The hotel premises are disinfected every three hours.
  • Sanitary units with disinfectant are installed in public areas.
  • Door handles, chair backs, armrests and desks in conference rooms will be treated with a special solution between talks.
  • The hotel staff undergoes health checks every day.

From our side:

  • A medical officer will test the temperature of the participants at the registration. You can always go to this person for first aid.
    If you feel unwell, seek medical help immediately!

  • There will be an individual mask in the participant's takeaway bag.
  • There will be safe seating in the conference rooms.
  • A PCR test will be organised for those who do not have a QR code, PCR test or vaccination certificate.


1. Do I need to bring a PCR test, vaccination certificate?

Answer: Yes, you do, if you have one, and show it at the registration desk.

2. Is it necessary to show a QR code?

Answer: Yes, it is, if you have one, and show it at the registration desk.

3. I have no QR code, no PCR test, no vaccination certificate.

Answer: You will be able to take an express test for free directly at registration. The test takes time, so to avoid queues, we recommend that you come early (30-40 minutes) for registration, or take the test on the eve of the conference.

4. I have documents issued by an abroad clinic. Will they be acceptable?

Ответ: Yes, they will be acceptable. Show them at the reception desk.

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