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Payment Rules

The participants planning an individual visiting the Conference should read the following:for payments in Russian roubles downloadfor payments in Belorussian roubles downloadfor payments from EU downloadpayers from other countries are guided by the public offer, depending on the country of the payee (Russia, Belarus, European Union)Pay participation in any convenient way.Inform about payment to e-mail org@it-conf.ru.Please, to avoid misunderstanding, keep the paid receipt for its presentation on registration.Arrive at the conference. 

Cost issues
Should the speaker pay?

Only one speaker gets a free conference ticket. Co-speaker pays full price at a price on the date of registration at the site. Speakers with the status "Reserved" get free conference tickets. Speakers with the status "Rejected" can participate at a price on the date of registration at the site. Speakers with the status of "Recuse" can participate at a price according to the period of payment. Travel and accommodation are paid by a speaker! 

Are there any discounts?

10% discount is offered for groups of 4 participants, 15% discount for groups of 10 participants, as well as discounts from our info partners (check out the promotional code from the informational partner).Also, follow the news on the conference website, in our social media groups and in the telegram channel.

In what currency can I make the payment?

Payment for participation in the conference can be made in Russian, Belarusian rubles, dollars, euros, Polish zlotys, Ukrainian hryvnias and other currencies. Prices in currencies may change if the exchange rate fluctuates significantly against the Euro.The payment currency is selected when purchasing the ticket.If your currency is not listed in the price table, please contact us and we will tell you what to do.

What is included in the cost?

The participation cost includes admission fee payment, food costs (drinks, coffee breaks, lunch), a folder with handouts. The participation cost does not include accommodation, transfer to the hotel and the conference hall, tours.

Conference partners
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Informative Partners
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