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The payments can be in Russian and Belarusian rubles, in USD dollars or EURO (except for Russia and Belarus). Price in Russian or Belarusian rubles can be changed in case of significant fluctuations towards to US dollar . If you want to pay in other currency or methods now provided below please contact the organizing committee by the following email

1 The participation cost includes admission fee payment, food costs (drinks, coffee breaks, lunch), a folder with handouts. The participation cost does not include accommodation, transfer to the hotel and the conference hall, tours.
2 The discount operates for physical person only by a promo-code provided by an information partner.
3 Only one speaker is free. Co-speaker pays full price. Speakers with the status "Reserved" participate for free. Speakers with the status "Rejected" can participate at the price on the date of registration at the site. Speakers with the status of "Recuse" can participate at the price according to the period of payment. Site registration date is completing a registration form, after which the participant gets into the list of participants. Submission of the talk without completing the registration form is not considered as a fact of registration for the event.

 Payment methods for individuals

1. Payment using PayPal.
2. Payment using PayMaster.
(available methods of payment: Alfa-bank, Promszyazbank, VTB24, Russian Standard Bank, Svyaznoy, Yandex.Money, MTS, WebMoney, Banking Card, CONTACT, Sberbank Online, Euroset, Russian Post) 

 Payment using PayPal (in USD dollars, Euro, Russian rubles)

Please register for the conference to make payment. The conversion happens if your account currency is different from the mentioned currencies.

 Payment using PayMaster (in Russian rubles)

Discover the limits on payments using PayMaster tools.

Please register for the conference to make payment. If your account currency is different from the Russian roubles, the conversion happens.

Payment details


  1. The participants planning individual visiting of the Conference should do the following:
    • for payments in Russian rubles download
    • for payments in Belorussian rubles download
    • payers from other countries are guided by the public offer, depending on the country of the payee (Russia or Belarus)
  2. Pay participation in any convenient way.
  3. Inform about payment to e-mail

    Please, in order to avoid misunderstanding keep the paid receipt for providing at the registration.

  4. Arrive at the conference. 

Corporate persons

The companies planning to send employees to the Conference should do the following:

  1. Register participants using registration form.
  2. Send on e-mail the following information:
    - requisites of the company with indication of a position of the person that will sign the contract, with indication on the basis of what it operates (on the basis of the Charter, the Power of attorney);
    In case of action on the basis of the Power of attorney also it is necessary to send also the scan-image.
    -quantity and the list of participants.
  3. The numbered contract and the invoice will be submitted to the customer for endorsement.
    The endorsement can be made in some iterations. During the endorsement the order of transfer the paper copies of documents is established. A preferred method - the exchange of originals directly at the conference through the participants.
  4. The customer pays the invoice and inform about payment to e-mail
  5. The customer employees arrive at the conference.

Attention! There is a possibility to exchange documents electronically using a digital signature through Diadok system.

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