Saint Petersburg, Russia,

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Analyst Days / 10
10th International IT Analyst Conference

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24-25 May 2019. Saint Petersburg
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    October 25-26, 2024
    Moscow, Russia
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    November 22-23, 2024
    Moscow, Russia
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    March 28-29, 2025
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • About the conference

    Analyst Days - 10

    The 10th International Conference on System and Business Analysis «Analyst Days» will be held in Saint Petersburg (Russia) on May 24-25, 2019.

    We invite you to attend the Anniversary International Conference on System and Business Analysis – Analyst Days. The Conference will be held in a 2-day format in Saint Petersburg, and therefore, you will get to speak and share expertise with representatives of a significant number of IT companies from different cities and countries. Moreover, you will get to become familiar with a cultural heritage of the cultural capital of Russia, with sights of it and surrounding areas.

    Analyst Days is the conference wherein a row of professional questions are discussed,  including: the most recent innovations, trends, experiences, results and challenges in the field of requirements engineering, a practice of requirement management, the necessary skills, techniques, technologies, environment, etc. The conference will be interesting to most and least specialists involved in the working processes with requirements.

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