Архипов Игорь
Methodology group manager - ЗАО "Лаборатория Касперского"
Moscow, Russia
Attended conferences (2)
Talks (2)
  • 19.11.2014
    Process scoping in the analyst's toolset

    The aim of this presentation is to uncover the applicability of process scoping technique to proces analysis. It will be all about process discovery, defining process interfaces, mapping scope models.

    Additionally, different analysis methods that use scoping models will be described. I'll try to explain, that often there is no need to drill down to every minute detail in modelling, as scope level sometimes provides just enough information for further analysis.

    • Average
    • 1h 30 min
    • Analyst Days / 4
  • 21.02.2014
    How to become a CBAP: tips and tricks

    During this presentation I will tell you how to pass CBAP(r) exam. The presentation will cover topics on how to apply for the certification, how to prepare, how to write the exam, and what to expect from babok(r) 3 regarding certification process. Althoug the presentation as a whole will be most interesting fot those analysts who are willing to pass CBAP(r)/CCBA(r), its part about preparing process may appeal to anyone willing to develop own skills, while part about sitting the exam may help anyone willing to pass any official certification (not only from IIBA).

    • Hard
    • 20 min
    • Analyst Days / 3
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