Гобов Денис
Senior Business Analyst - DataArt
Kiev, Ukraine

Cертифицированный бизнес-аналитик и тренер, CBAP®, PMI-PBA®, CPRE®, ....

Более 17 лет опыта в системном и бизнес-анализе (инвестиционный банкинг, гос.реестры и электронно правительство, ERP, управление пассажирскими перевозками на ж/д траспорте)

Соавтор сертификационного экзамена по L3 от IIBA

Основатель тренингового центра "Art of Business Analysis", аккредитованного IIBA
Кандидат технических наук

Обладатель награды The Best Business Analyst Ukrainian IT Awards-2013 и IT Awards-2016

Talks (4)
  • 27.02.2019
    Use Case VS User Story. Select requirement specification techniques

    Use Case and User Stories are the most popular requirements specification techniques. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. In this talk, I will tell you about my experience in using these approaches (6 years with Use Cases, 5 years with User Stories): which was the first choice, how and why I have switched from one to another, which issues I have faced. 

    We will speak about the factors can help you to select the right technique for current or future projects.

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 10
  • 31.01.2018
    Building Business Analyst qualification assessment system

    Assessment of Business Analyst qualification level is a challenging task due to many reasons. First of all, expectations from a BA may vary in different industries, companies, projects and project phases. Also, any assessment run by a human is subjective: different experts may provide different results for the same person. And this can lead to misunderstanding and conflicts. Lastly, the assessment approach should be flexible enough to improve over time and meet changing demands.

    In our talk, we'd like to share our successful experience of building Business Analyst assessment procedure at DataArt.

    • Hard
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 8
  • 25.08.2017
    Certifications for business analyst: IIBA Strikes Back

    The talk is devoted to the review of the new certification program provided by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and its comparison with the certification of PMI-PBA. Why do analysts need the certification? What certifications are there and what do you need to certify? Can I get certified in Russia/Ukraine? How can I choose the certification that suits to me? The purpose of the talk - give the answers to these questions. Also, the speaker will share his personal experience of passing many certification procedures.

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 7
  • 04.01.2016
    The interview for the position of business analyst: forewarned is forearmed

    The talk covers the questions of preparation and interviewing of business analysts. We will analyze phases of interview, common categories of questions . We will discuss a resume content and structure (what should be and what should not be written). I will give some advices regarding to preparation for interview, common categories of questions,  a feedback request . The talk has been created based on practical experience of a speaker as an interviewer (7 years of experience in interviewing, more than 1000 CVs were reviewed, several hundred of interviews were completed). The talk can be interested to an interviewee as well as to an interviewer.

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 5
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