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  • 25.02.2019
    Who and how use your system in reality

    During the requirements analysis and software design process, a lot of time and efforts are devoted to understanding actual user needs. Expected business value becomes a driver of the system, it determines future functionality and work priorities.
    The classic approach that works well before implementation. But in rush of a new project with new challenges and new user stories, we usually forget to do post-analysis of the previous project.
    Do users know about the new functionality? Do they use the capabilities of the system as intended? How can we learn it? What if we have no opportunity to ask end-users?
    In the presentation, we will go from the first hypothesis about the work of users to the focused data collection and analysis. Our goal is understanding the real actions and real needs of our users.
    The talk will be interesting for product managers who analyse the quality of their work and for analysts, who want to improve the product.

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  • 03.12.2017
    Analyst’s experience in configuration DSL

    IT systems are designed for long-term operation in ever-changing environment. It leads to frequent modifications of any well-functioning business system.

    But only a few changes mean the re-considering of existing business-logic. Often this is solely an adjustment of the contract terms and modification of the parameters without the necessity to change the logic of the system. In case of huge amount of such changes, process of their implementation have to be optimized.

    Our solution is leveraging configuration DSL. Practical experience of three-years work with configuration DSL allowed us to find and eliminate a lot of pitfalls. It is a story of trial and error, of ups-and-downs, discoveries and insights. A story with a happy end and excellent prospects.

    This report will help you to understand when and how to apply DSL for system configuration. You will discover some available tools to create DSL and learn how to bypass traps while implementing this approach.

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  • 02.02.2015
    From customization to configurable platform: theory and practice

    Small company is ready to do everything to satisfy its first customer. With new customers the experience grows and knowledge of customer's business model increases. With an increasing number of projects in the portfolio company no longer wants to spend many efforts to create and maintain the same features in different but similar such systems.

    Solution seems obvious: move away from the independent development of systems and put all on a single generalized platform.

    But is it just really? What challenges face analysts, product owner'y and project managers? How do they need to change their thinking and what to expect from the customers?

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