Кудинов Андрей
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Moscow, Russia

Потомственный IT-шник. 23 года в профессии.

Участвовал в создании автоматизированных систем для Службы занятости и банков, построении сложных интеграционных IT ландшафтов.

Пришел в анализ из разработки.

Последние несколько лет руковожу отделом анализа.

Интересует системная инженерия, бережливое производство и гибкие методы управления.

Люблю находить взаимопонимание с заказчиками, способствовать росту молодежи и осваивать передовые инструменты и методики.

Talks (2)
  • 31.01.2017
    How not to be afraid to put flexible experiments in an inflexible context

    Our company specializes in integration of banking systems, automation of cross-system business processes and development of composite systems in microservice architecture.

    The culture of production of our company is based strictly on the waterfall model. However sometimes there are non-standard projects requiring non-standard approaches. 

    In one of projects the ambitious task - to minimize turbulence of a scope of the project and to meet a short time was set for analysts.

    We risked and tried agile development in an inflexible context. I want to tell about our "old-fashioned" waterfall team, its real experience of dipping in agile and a harvest of collected mistakes.

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  • 30.01.2015
    Review of project artifacts - fight for quality

    Report subject - process of review of design documents. What is review ? Positive effect of review . What types of review are applied? On what first of all to pay attention when carrying out ревью? Personal positive experience and review tools. What problems arise when carrying out ревью and how they can be solved?

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    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 4
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