Урмазова Лилия
CEO - Mentorpiece
Saint Petersburg, Russia

В тестировании с 2001 года, занималась как ручным, так и автоматическим тестированием, в настоящий момент пишу автоматические тесты и занимаюсь обучением студентов.

Talks (1)
  • 26.01.2021
    You are on the right courses, comrades! (Requirements management for IT education)

    Everyone knows how to work with requirements if your team writes software. But what if the team is "professors" and the product is not software, but a course on "how to write and test it"? How do you conduct interviews? Where do you take focus groups? What do you do if the requirements have changed? 

    The head of online testing school "Mentorpiece" and QA-manager will share his experience in the talk on working with requirements for IT courses.

    • Easy
    • 20 min
    • Analyst Days / 12
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