Медынский Юрий
Lead Business Analyst - EPAM Systems
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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  • 07.12.2015
    Expensive Mistakes or How to Control Your Fate

    The talk describes an experience in identifying and resolving issues related to expensive mistakes in business analysis. The subject is of great importance for junior analysts who are mostly uneasy about their future carrier and, at the same time, should be taken by skilled colleagues as an example to follow. Among other key results of the talk, the audience will obtain methods to identify and resolve such issues and a list of proactive actions to avoid them.

    Actually, the talk will be a walk-through of the solution that won’t leave you standing in the rain with no roof over your head, wondering just what happened. The most valuable outcomes of the talk are practical results given and explained from various points of view.

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    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 5
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