Горбачик Лилия Владимировна
Product Manager - Intermedia
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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  • 07.02.2021
    Tango with UX designers

    I'll talk about tango with UX designers and balance between UX and analysts' requirements.

    What to do if you need to set up a complicated corporate software, but UX designers are inspired by lonely Google search input?

    How to unify interfaces across the system and fulfil the requirements?

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    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 12
  • 26.02.2018
    Requirements approach for mixed Waterfall/Agile teams

    I would like to share my experience of requirements for mixed waterfall & agile teams with different development cycles from 2 weeks up to 2 months. At the same time, the teams itself are different - core, backend, frontend and mobile. Each team needs the team-specific requirements. The project needs overall requirements. At the end of the day, the puzzle should be solved, and the product has to be delivered to the customer. 

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    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 8
  • 29.02.2016
    Storytelling or the requirements that will make you cry

    It is extremely difficult to keep in mind the requirements to the big project, but you need to do it in order to keep the focus of the project.

    If you reduce the requirements scope you will lose the important details, if you extend your brain... well, it not the common way.

    I propose to write down the detailed requirements but during requirement s review with the team tell the story, fascinating story.

    You will not remember the facts but definitely remember the story - this is how our brain works.

    To tell the fascinating story you need to follow several simple rules that I'll share during my presentation:

    - how to make the story fascinating

    - how to make the main character right

    - which details will make your story

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    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 5
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