Грачева Наталья
Product - SBER
Moscow, Russia

1999 г. - закончила Ульяновский Государственный технический университет до 2014 гг. - преподаватель в УлГТУ до 2015 гг. - руководитель группы аналитики и проектирования в компании ITECH.group 2015-2017 гг. - ведущий аналитик-проектировщик в компании "СимбирСофт"  2017-2018 гг. - ведущий бизнес-аналитик в компании "Ай-Теко"

С 2018 г. - ИТ-специалист в СберТех

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  • 27.12.2016
    Outsourcing in the field of system analysis: problems, operating methods

    Resource limitations made large companies, including IT companies, use the services of outsourcing companies. According to TADVISER IT, outsourcing is the most stable segment of the IT services market in Russia. This trend has also affected the sphere of business and system analysis. It concerns both outsourcing and outstaffing.

    An analyst in a company, who provides outsourcing and outstaffing services, usually works remotely from a core team.

    So, this talk will cover options for cooperation, the challenges, faced by an analyst working remotely and first steps required to organize effective cooperation in a team.

    The report can be useful for the analysts venturing into outsourcing/outstaffing as well as the companies that are planning to extend their analytical team with outsourcers/outstaffers.

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