Кирилл Барабанов
Бизнес-аналитик - Luxoft
Gdansk, Poland

- 9-летний опыт работы в ИТ
- опыт крупных международных проектов
- практический опыт в финансовой, энергетической и ритейл областях

Attended conferences (2)
Talks (2)
  • 30.01.2017
    Business case modelling

    A master class is aiming to provide participants with a structured and efficient approach to business case modelling. In addition to a traditional business case calculation model the following techniques will be utilised: business value chain, business need analysis, agile functional decomposition and some others.

    Flip chart will be used during the master class to depict examples and explanations.

    • Easy
    • 1h 30 min
    • Analyst Days / 6
  • 29.02.2016
    A business analyst profile in the foreseeable future

    It is essential to understand how business analysis discipline evolves and what the key trends are. And this is essential because we desire to know whether we're competitive in the foreseeable future or not.

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 5
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