Безуглый Дмитрий
Генеральный директор - ООО "Системный Подход"
Moscow, Russia
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  • 05.05.2022
    The new world, its challenges. And analysts

    This talk about a career as an analyst. It is a thankless job to be a global analyst; the “butterfly” will flap its wings and everything will turn upside down. But the analyst who does not dream of becoming a strategist is a bad one. 

    And as part of the talk, we will discuss the new utopia and answer the key questions that I am regularly asked:

    • What's going on? (A brief PEST-TESP analysis)
    • Where is this world going?
    • Why is relocation not an option? 
    • What do I personally, as an analyst, have to do with all this?
    • Why don't “they” have a systems analyst position? :) 

     P.S.: Not anyone's official position.

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