Юденков Леонид Владимирович
Lead Business-analyst - EPAM Systems
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Talks (3)
  • 15.12.2020
    Do you speak English? Efficient work in an international company

    We learned English from school. And some even from kindergarten. We went to additional courses and studied with tutors. Today, we use online services, mobile apps for learning words, listen to podcasts and watch YouTube channels. We can watch TV shows in the original language, and on vacation, we freely communicate with foreigners in the bar.

    But can we work in English? 

    Do we have the skill to solve problems, win people over, and negotiate in English? 

    If not, where can you learn it? 

    What happens if you don't have the right skills? 

    This talk will be useful for analysts (and not only) who plan to develop their career in international business and realize the value of language skills.

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    • 40 min
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  • 15.12.2019
    How long does the tech spec remain?

    On the one hand, the Requirements Specification cannot die. The specification of requirements is a direct expression of the essence of a systematic approach and thinking. The more complex the system, the more accuracy and care required when making any changes. And the created systems do not become easier... 

    On the other hand, the Facts are a stubborn thing - honest process/architectural work with a cascade of formed specifications, classic As-Is To-be transitions come across much less often, from start-ups unicorns are born, and certainly there weren't any specifications in them... 

    We invite you to a discussion at the round table: 

    • Influence of two paradigms on Business and System Analysis: design and product. 
    • How to move from one paradigma to another with minimal personal and organizational losses.

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  • 12.09.2019
    A real hero BA cookbook

    Analyst is a a superhero profession. He can build communications with a customer, analyze business-processes, create documentation and design mockups, describe data models and integration, investigate, teach, cordinate, plan, facilitate...

    You'll never see it in a movie, but superhero need some rest too.

    But how to help everyone and manage everything?

    Does this city need a hero or law and order would be enough?

    In this talk for real superheroes I want to tell you about efficient changes that can optimize your work and BA process in general.

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    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 11
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