Бобровская Людмила Александровна
Бизнес-аналитик - Align Technology Inc
Moscow, Russia
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  • 25.02.2019
    Work of the analyst in the medical company

    As a business intelligence team, we are working on the ClinCheck software - application, which is used by doctors-orthodontists, to plan treatment of the patient. We create requirements for the software which has an impact on the patient's health. So, the process of developing requirements and documentation is subject to strict standards. In the talk, I'm going to tell you: 

    • how a business analyst works with a team of business stakeholders, developers and medical specialists; 
    • what are the features of the process of working on the product and writing business requirements in medicine; 
    • how business analysts work in our international team.

    • Average
    • 20 min
    • Analyst Days / 10
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