Харичкин Никита Евгеньевич
Руководитель отдела системной аналитики - SberDevices
Moscow, Russia

Руковожу командой аналитиков. Успешно внедрил, поддерживаю и развиваю процесс ревью в отделе. Развиваю компетенции сотрудников.

Мы делаем messaging-платформу: много внутренних и клиентских (gRPC) интеграций, добавляем новую логику и разрабатываем своё REST API.

Люблю работать над качеством артефактов, шаблонами, удобным представлением в confluence (привет, swagger plugin) и разумное переиспользование. Регулярно собеседую аналитиков. Преподаю аналитику в онлайн-школе.

С удовольствием поддержу беседу на указанные выше темы. ..

Attended conferences (2)
Talks (2)
  • 25.04.2022
    PlantUML to the fullest: Automation and life hacks for sequence diagrams

    Have you heard of PlantUML? Bet you didn't know about custom functions. First time you've heard of it? Then you are welcome on board. I will demonstrate the detailed guide and talk about the breadth of PlantUML's capabilities, specification autocollection and ways to use colour differentiation.
    Together, we will be convinced of the full power of the tool on examples from practice. In addition, we will discuss the following aspects:
    • Methods for lightweight online and secure offline editing.
    • Team work approach with code import.
    • Possible restrictions.

    The presentation will include the source code, which can (and should) be copied and adopted in your own work.

    • Easy
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 14
  • 31.12.2020
    Documentation review on a turn-key basis: from process to etiquette

    Many projects have no documentation review process. Commonly, the analyst writes a requirements article, that he usually should discuss then directly with the stakeholder – QA or Development departments. But the view of QA can be not enough: both from the point of view of the resources of their team and the subject area of verification – after all, they are primarily responsible for correct test cases compilation, but not for checking the business value of the requirements. In some cases, the customer may act as a reviewer, which leads to a significant process slowdown.

    The solution to such problems can be the documentation review, which is carried out by another analyst. The help of a mediator can significantly improve the quality of documentation and identify any defects missed by the authors. During the talk, we will tell about the key features of the doc review – a process that will help both the author of the talk, the QA, and the project team to avoid a range of various problems.

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 12
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