Дьяков Сергей Владимирович
Тимлид - ООО «ВсеИнструменты.ру»
Kovrov, Russia

  • 10 лет разработки, внедрения, сопровождения, автоматизации систем учета от бухгалтерии до ERP.
  • с 2019 года тимлид команды аналитиков в самописной ERP системе.

Attended conferences (2)
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  • 17.01.2021
    Аutomation Confluence

    Confluence plugins often cost thousands of dollars and are rarely highly customizable. At the same time, Confluence has a rich API with which you can create equally valuable tools for your team. 

    I'll share my experience of creating such tools in the Confluence + 1C bundle in my talk.

    And I'll tell you how automatically:
    • create articles describing database tables of a complex information system;
    • receive a variety of statistics on the activities of Confluence users;
    • control the documentation processes.

    And also how to apply our experience in your Confluence.

    • Average
    • 20 min
    • Analyst Days / 12
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