How not to take all spoken words literally or how to not go crazy when you work as an analyst.

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Living everyday life without working in analytics, I haven’t noticed that I can understand a speaker inaccurately, and the speaker can’t understand me as well. But the situation has changed since I started the job. 

Working on a project sometimes it happens that a client returns the requirements specification for revision, which you suggest or a developer implemented the feature backwards. 

At a certain point, you realize that communication failures prevent you from working. Consciousness, with all its might, tries to adapt so that you can effectively perform your duties. The reaction of my consciousness turned out to be a literal attitude to words, first in work tasks, and then in everyday life, after another session of additional questions, you start to wonder if I’m going crazy.

In my speech we are going to answer this question, observe examples, and to understand and be understood.

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