The decision model and framework: locking in complex business logic

  • 40 min

Any IT system contains a portion of algorithms that have conditions to guide its operation along one of the branches. 

In small systems, these branches do not pose much of a problem. However, as the complexity and set of functions grow, the selection logic becomes increasingly intricate and difficult to maintain both quantitatively and qualitatively. 

Remarkably rapid growth in complexity occurs in systems such as BI (especially in the ETL part), ERP, systems that automate complex business processes of large corporations, and systems designed for complex subject areas such as medicine and finance. 

Accordingly, in projects on such systems development, there is a need for special methods of working with complex logic - explicit separation of business rules and their management.

The talk will give an overview of one such method - Decision Making Notation and its variations, advantages and limitations, as well as examples of its application on real projects.

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