Agile / DevOps - Minimal process changes for comfort team work

  • 40 min

In my talk, I want to share how, after successfully transforming a large team to a product-based approach (Agile / DevOps), I applied the experience gained to make processes and working principles transparent in the new team. 

I will share the following: 
  • What regular activities we had, and which ones shouldn't be skipped in the first place.  
  • How to get the process of value delivery and set up the "Pipeline."  
  • What tweaks we make for a new process in Jira.  
  • What documentation template worked out for me and why.  
  • I'll also talk about a few successful solutions for combining Jira and Confluence functionality that we've had. 

And in the process, we'll dive into the small details of our adventure.
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