Product game: It's time to handle things more important than requirements

  • 1h 30 min

One of the most important questions that an analyst should ask when starting work on an initiative (project, task, insert your variant) is for WHOM and WHY it is needed. Unfortunately, being swamped with the work of writing integration requirements and other technical details, analysts forget about this.

Within this workshop, we will give an opportunity to get back to the essence of the analyst's work, as well as take a little distance from the technical specifications and get up to the analysis level of the target audience and the value of the initiative. 

The workshop will be helpful for analysts, novice product managers, and anyone who wants to understand what important things need to happen before we start writing requirements. What we need to do so that our product does not turn out to be useless and unsuccessful so that all the efforts of the development team do not go in the bin because a critical stage in the life of a digital product has been missed.

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