A multi-armed pirate or just... an analyst in a Growth Team

  • 40 min

Analysts are often limited within the scope of the tasks assigned to them by the team. In such teams, multitasking is punishable. And since, in these conditions, analysts' main focus is shifted to preparing analytical artefacts for development, they do not see the product as a whole.
But imagine that there is a product team where the main requirements for all participants are multitasking and broad competencies. Such a team is created to implement quick experiments to find potential sources of profit.
I'm an analyst in a Growth Team at Koshelek, and my team's rule — move fast and break the mould. For this approach, our team jokingly received a reputation as prankster pirates in the company.
In my presentation, I will talk about the broadest range of tasks of an analyst in a growth team, about the difficulties and their solutions, and about the sacrifices in the process of achieving my goals.

The talk will be helpful for analysts, product managers and product owners.

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