Analyst in Product Development: How to avoid failure?

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The IT industry can be considered one of the most dynamically changing industries. Recently, there has been an active trend away from project-based work towards a product-based approach to development, and the question of what is expected of an analyst in product development is quite acute. It would seem that an analyst's skills and techniques should be universal in any area of ​​activities, but in practice, it turns out that product development has its own unique features, and employing companies perceive the role of the analyst in different ways.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that BABOK does not affect the product development process and the analyst's place in it, and there are no basic artefacts and techniques in such a project.

During the talk, we will try to answer the questions of what a business analyst should do in product development, how not to get lost in new activities, and what BABOK is silent about.

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