Project vision document: let the vision come true

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The first step to a successful project is thorough preparation. It is essential to synchronize the project vision with a customer and transfer it to a development team. We need to be sure that everybody strives for the same goal and understands why and for whom a particular project has been set up. 

All this sounds reasonable, but in reality, business analysts face many obstacles forcing them to prioritize their tasks and make compromises. With a tight schedule, it’s tempting to buy some time at the expense of project vision development. It might seem insignificant at first but lead the project in the wrong direction later.

Being through this many times and after talking with my colleagues, I gathered some tips and tricks that I would like to share with you. We will take a look at a basic plan for a project vision document preparation which can help you keep the process under control. Also, I will share with you examples from my practice illustrating challenges and ways to solve them. 

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