User experience (UX) analysis - a successful product from the hands of the client

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  • 40 min

Everyone is interested in making a truly successful digital product that they will be happy to use and recommend to their colleagues, friends and acquaintances. How are such products created? What is their secret recipe? 

We will consider what qualities successful digital products have, what the process of their creation looks like on the example of domestic and foreign experience, who takes part in their development, and what different specialists should be responsible for: system and business analysts, usability specialists and others. 

We will also look at what methods are available for determining the quality of customer interaction with a digital product and how they differ from each other. When and which method is best to use.

We will talk about what user experience is and how to take it into account when developing digital products. Finally, let's discuss the difference between use cases and user scenarios and how to use them correctly.

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