The Samurai way: how to scale the analytics clan from 40 to 100+ without losses

  • 40 min

In the process of avalanche-like growth, each company (and technical leaders along with it) faces an issue: where to get enough professionals who will be able not only to fulfil the tasks set but also have time to develop, stay motivated, move forward and move the company forward too. 

Finding analysts who will immediately do their work ideally is an impossible task. However, it is also tricky, time-consuming and expensive to grow own analysts within a company. Especially if the teams and products are diverse, the domains vary greatly, there are a lot of analysts, their amount is constantly increasing, and there are only a few leads. 

Let's take a look at our company as an example: 

  • how to organize predictable growth and development of analysts; 
  • how to increase the number of leads in a short time; 
  • what bumps we filled in the process with our 100+ analysts; 
  • what lessons have been learned, and how this process is working now.
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