Data warehouse anatomy and analyst's role in development

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  • 40 min

Imagine that you have a huge enterprise with many systems, each of them solving a single specific task. What do we have to do when we need to get aggregated information? 
DWH is a convenient and modern solution. And if it is not already deployed, it can be created. 
DWH designing and filling it with data is a complex and interesting process. Therefore, the DWH architecture requires special processes and rules.
I will try to tell about what is the analyst’s role in the DWH project, what skills the analyst should have and what problems he or she has to solve. We also will get introduced to the concept of a full-stack analyst and why it requires knowledge of the anatomy of a data warehouse to do his/her work. 

Target audience - system analysts interested in working with data warehousing and system architects. No requirement for a grade of analysts, experience with DWH is also not required.

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