How to make massive cloud BI analytics accessible to humanity

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  • 40 min

We will tell you how we designed, developed and launched cloud BI analytics for hundreds of thousands of companies for Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI tools. Let's talk about mistakes, pitfalls, choosing column-oriented storages from Druid and Pinot to ClickHouse and Amazon RedShift. Let's touch on BI visualization tools from Apache Superset to Amazon QuickSight and Yandex DataLens. We will not bypass the issue of heterogeneous data replication, CDC replication and domestication of Kafka and Amazon Kinesis. Let's analyze the basics of creating simple, helpful, and, most importantly, fast cloud-based BI reports for Bitrix24 CRM user companies. Be sure to talk about the market for BI connectors, the architecture of our BI connector, the benefits and real purpose of cloud-clustered columnar databases and their immediate prospects. 

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