Don't Kill Each Other By The Sprint's End! Practical Magic Of SA & UX designer Interaction

  • 40 min

Systems analysts, how often have you faced situations where it is unclear how to set a task for a designer? When you say to a designer, "You have to make it look good," and he or she doesn't want to do it?

Designers, how often have you encountered being tasked by a systems analyst for some reason? He says, "draw the tabs nicely"? Who the hell is this SA?

It seems such questions have begun to arise not so long ago, and not just us. We looked at ourselves, asked others and suddenly realised that reality had changed. But we did not immediately understand how to work together.

Now we have things to tell you:

  • How to differentiate the duties of a SA and UX designer
  • How to build a work process to reach synergy.
  • How to help and support each other instead of interfering.

Our talk will be useful to those who want to not just get along with their colleagues but strive to:

  • Increase the quality of the product in the "Bloody Enterprise".
  • Raise your level as a professional.
  • Do more than the business wants.
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