Life of an analyst in IT-projects of a large manufacturing company

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  • 40 min

The founders of the BA department for IT solutions at NLMK Group will talk about setting up business analysis processes from scratch and share real tools to minimize the time and cost of IT solutions.

We will discuss the following:

  1. Creating a function from scratch: why the business analysis is needed, solving problems with deadlines and costs of IT projects 
  2. Adapting business analysis tools for production companies
  3. Business and stakeholder issues around which business requirements are built
  4. The key value chain - a way to dive into the project and related processes quickly and efficiently
  5. Understanding project value through identifying KPIs and calculating effects
  6. A checklist to describe the results of business analysis on an IT project and the steps the analyst goes through as part of the requirements workflow
  7. The role of the business analysis team in addressing company development objectives
  8. Development of the analytics team: experience sharing practices for competence growth within the team
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