Making software suitable for testing, support and development. Creating of tools beyond the ToR

  • 20 min

You probably had to face the following problems: 
  • Tight project deadlines.
  • Developers require the detailed formulation of tasks.
  • Frequent occurrence of errors in the program and data distortion.
  • Finding errors is time-consuming.
  • You need to sort out your old tasks or a colleague's tasks.
  • Specific data domain and a large volume of data.
  • Subject area experts, not IT specialists, are testing the system.
  • ...? 

This is not the final list of problems an analyst must solve while implementing and supporting IT projects. 

Our team also had to face similar difficulties. To solve these problems, we started using an idempotent logic architecture, created special API services, and began using strict rules for setting tasks. I want to tell you about this experience in my talk.

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