How to increase user loyalty with the technical support: "LENTA" case

  • 20 min

LENTA came to us at 65apps in April 2020 - at the very beginning of the pandemic. At that time, the company already had a mobile app, which was, in fact, a product catalogue. Even then, Lenta had ambitious plans for its development: a complete renewal of its electronic loyalty programme and the introduction of new ordering and delivery functionality. 

In addition to development, our services also included technical support - monitoring the app's overall performance and promptly fixing bugs. We understood that any big changes in a mobile app are always a risk of a falling score in stores and, consequently, damage to the brand's reputation. 

So we proposed to the client to extend our cooperation - to introduce the first line of technical support and close the entire range of communication tasks with the users in the stores. 

Within the talk,  we will tell you more about this case study.

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