Using linear programming methods to form the backlog of a Scrum team sprint

  • 40 min

What tasks should be taken into a sprint to create maximum value while considering the existing resource constraints? Sprint backlog formation often occurs expertly or is determined by external circumstances.

In some cases, team members choose which tasks to take into the sprint themselves. As a result, individual members may be underutilized.

In others, the product owner determines the content of the sprint in a directive manner. As a result, some team members have to work overtime to meet the manager's requirements.

What to do? One of the solutions that will allow optimally loading team members and taking on the most valuable, priority tasks is the use of linear programming methods.

From the talk, listeners will learn how to solve the problem of forming an optimal sprint backlog using linear programming methods. It will be helpful for everyone who works with Scrum and participates in sprint backlog planning and formation.

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