KYC and checklist in user work

  • 40 min

KYC, or Know Your Client, is a principle of financial institutions that requires them to identify a person's identity before they can conduct transactions. But these same principles apply very well not only to fintech companies but to any company that deals with users and user data. 

I want to share my experience and, in fact, a checklist that will ensure you don't forget anything when dealing with users and personal data. 

We will look at all sides of this issue and also break down the problems of allocating domains in different situations. 

We'll answer the questions: 

  • Why and when is a Passport needed? 
  • How is user fraud differ from payment fraud, and do we need to differentiate between them? 
  • What is the identification, and why is verification for the majority NEVER can be applicable to this step? 
  • What is the difference between a personal account and a personal file, and can the system be switched to an "artificial entity"?
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