ChatGPT for systems analysis

  • 40 min

At the end of 2022, a new version of the ChatGPT text generation AI engine appeared on the market. It is a generic language model that generates text based on a natural language query. The capabilities of the model are impressive, and it is already being used in various fields.

In the field of systems analysis, ChatGPT can: create business process descriptions, and feature specifications, write user stories and use cases, describe domain objects and database structure, build state models, draw class and sequence diagrams, specify non-functional requirements, and design APIs. ChatGPT can also ask questions and act as an interviewer. All this I am going to show in the talk. 

The talk will take the form of a demonstration of ChatGPT's system analysis capabilities. I'll show you what questions to ask, what features you can ask the model to do, and show examples of ChatGPT responses on different topics and in different formats.

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