How to describe the Feature Requirements Specification suitable for everyone

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Sometimes a company doesn't have an accepted template for describing the Feature Requirements Specification for its product. At the same time, both the business and the development teams want to get all the information they need from the analyst. 
Where to start the description? How to cover all the pain of your colleagues in one artefact?
The talk shares a step-by-step algorithm for determining the structure of the imperative artefact - a specification template which helps to reduce the time for analysis by X%. 
Having listened to the presentation, you will:
  • understand why the Analysis department needs a generally accepted template;
  • get the solutions for determining the structure and content of artefacts; 
  • know how to avoid other people's mistakes!

This topic will be helpful for proactive analysts who want to show great results in less time and analysts' managers looking for tools to improve the department's work efficiency.
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