Functional prototype as a stage of requirements gathering for business process automation

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Our CRM is a respected product with a history: 3000 users, 7 years of active development, and wide geography...But there was still one small but very proud project in the company that was outside of it and used a third-party product. Time passed, vendor conditions changed, and this department came to us.

Having evaluated the automation of all the business processes in a separate system for a couple of years of continuous work and having very limited resources in the team, we came to a simple and clear idea: who hinders us, helps us...and created a functional prototype based on the existing system. By collecting users' feedback and analyzing differences between the prototype and processes, we obtained the requirements and started full-fledged automation.

I will tell you whether the prototype could replace the classic process, whether users helped us and whether they adapted to the new system as well as to the old one, or whether everything turned out like in that movie...

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