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  • 40 min

A new analyst in a company is always a challenge for everyone involved.
  • How to integrate a new person into the team, check his/her adaptability, and find out what points of growth he/she has?
  • How to make the difficult decision about his/her future work in the company?
  • And how to understand how well we are adapting new analysts?

The talk will cover various techniques to help integrate a new analyst into the company and demonstrate how to conduct a business game with new analysts to see them in action. The author will share his experience in preparing and conducting such games and other adaptation techniques used in his company.

Recommendations are based on the experience of working with new analysts, their training and integration into the team. They allow you not only to learn about possible problems with a new team member but also to improve the processes of integrating new analysts so that they quickly adapt to work in the company and become full-fledged team members.
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