Reach Up to Heaven: How to Build Effective Interaction with a "Difficult" Customer

  • Easy
  • 40 min

In practice, the analyst interacts with a wide range of persons, and sometimes the dialogue "doesn't go well".
There is an eternal confrontation and, sometimes, a lack of understanding between the business analyst and the Сustomer. Agree that at least once in your work, you have faced this problem.

Within the talk, we will:

  • Talk about how to find an approach to Customers with a tech background without reducing your performance. What you need to know and do to make everyone involved in the process happy.
  • Consider the reasons why the customer does not accept your business requirements.
  • Consider how to come to an agreement with the tech owners of the systems and how to understand and share your value on the project as a business analyst.
  • Consider practical tips and talk openly about the problems.

The talk will be of interest to those who:

  • works on Enterprise projects;
  • have faced the fact that his or her customer = IT expert;
  • have difficulties in building communications on the project.
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