Docs-as-Code in a nutshell

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  • 40 min

The engineering approach to creating documentation has a fairly wide layer of followers.

There are many reasons to consider such systems, and here are just a few:
  • You have grown to review requirements.
  • You understand the importance of the convenience of code editors.
  • You need an open-source self-hosted system or a little money.
  • You've been sitting on Google Docs and want the next-level tool.
  • You need an alienable documentation system.
  • You want to automate the documentation quality pipeline using stat analysis, reducing the amount of manual labour.

We'll consider:
  1. Principles of work, in which case the approach will be justified, and when not.
  2. Classification and main tools, including a tool from Facebook combined with various editors.
  3. The advantages that the docs-as-code approach provides, including reviews, change requests, and static analyzers of documentation quality.

We successfully use and implement the docs-as-code approach for many custom development projects for large corporations.

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