Write a domain model like a developer

  • 20 min

I think it's no secret to anyone that in translation, the meaning of the initially intended idea often escapes or becomes diluted. The same goes for the development process. The task is formulated in one language, analysis is conducted in another, and design and coding use a third language. Such an approach is bound to distort the original meaning when translating business value into code. 
Let's discuss how we can improve the situation in system analysis:
  • How Use Cases help a system analyst more accurately convey business value in the code.
  • How to use Protocol Buffers to describe a domain model. 

My talk will be of interest to analysts who seek to be closer to developers and understand their needs. The ideas presented can be applied to the design of new applications or during their extensive refactoring. 

For greater benefit, familiarize yourself in advance with the syntax of Protocol Buffers and the concepts of Robert Martin's clean architecture.

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