Scoring or Intuition: Discover the secret of effective prioritization in product management

  • 40 min

The work of analysts and product owners does not finish at the stage of collecting and approving requirements. When you have several Stakeholders and those who are waiting not only for functionality but also for compliance with legal requirements, information security, etc.

So, you have evaluated each feature and need to understand the sequence of work for a sprint, a release or even a roadmap for several years.

But how to understand what is more important? What customer or requirement is more important? Intuition can let you down and will not allow you to agree with all Stakeholders, and it is not always an objective assessment tool. I suggest you dive into the basic scoring methods.

Questions will be covered:

• A story about quantitative and qualitative scoring methods

• Overview of the most common qualitative scoring methods

• Decision criteria on how to choose a method

• Algorithm for creating your own model

• An example of using the RICE and WSJF methods on the example of a simple backlog

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