Junior and a big feature: A complicated feature as the key to success

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  • 20 min

The IT sphere is becoming more and more popular every year, which leads to an increase in the number of specialists. Before becoming a senior specialist, you need to go the way of a junior, when there are more questions than answers, and doubts and worries frighten and may not allow you to move on. 

The purpose of this talk is to tell junior specialists what difficulties they may face, how to deal with them and share junior's personal experience on the example of the big feature “Women's Calendar” from the system analysis perspective. 

It’s planned to introduce the speaker, briefly tell about the feature (the talk is based on its example), to sort out what difficulties can be hidden behind a big feature, and what potential fears and worries there may be. 

It’s planned to discuss how to deal with fears and worries, and consider the compiled checklists. 

The talk will be useful not only for junior systems analysts and specialists from other fields, but also for their mentors and leaders.

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