Learning to ask questions in a meaningful way

  • 40 min

Have you ever thought about how many times a day you ask questions? And about whether it turns out well? Have you had situations where you didn't get the desired answer, or it took many iterations?

Perhaps you're having difficulty in interviews and not finding out everything you could?

Perhaps by watching someone else, you see that they are doing better? Or your questions are not understood, or they do not get results? 

When I started mentoring and teaching juniors, I tried to show the difference between two seemingly identical questions and completely different answers. Then I realized that this is a skill and it needs to be pumped up. 

With my talk, I want to show you how you can pump this skill. We will talk about what areas we can find practice in, what typical mistakes we make, and how to learn how to formulate questions. 

I am convinced that a properly formulated question increases the likelihood of getting a reliable answer and reduces the number of iterations to find it.

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