Object-oriented approach in solution architecture

  • 40 min

The talk will present the idea of how the initial business requirements can be represented as a set of business objects with a certain attribute composition or "marked the subject field". The result of this markup (ontology, graph or taxon) is proposed to be the basis of the solution architecture and used to select the architectural style (monolith, microservice, citadel), build a REST architecture, JSON RPC, and database table architecture. Also, the constructed graph will allow you to determine the synchronous or asynchronous nature of the interaction. 

In the talk, it is planned to present 4 patterns of solution architecture (microservice pipeline for production, building a system based on Rabbit MQ for tasks related to artificial intelligence, building a system based on Kafka for production tasks, the concept of an Open API for a Big Business company), built on the basis of an object-oriented approach.

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