Should the analyst possess an understanding of the devices for which the product is being developed?

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Everyone contemplates what an analyst should know and be able to do. Countless talks have been and will be presented at conferences, and many books have been written on this topic. Almost every company has a matrix of competencies of analysts, and how many of them are on the Internet... 

From the very name of the role, it seems that system analysts should look at their work systematically, but not everyone thinks about the peculiarities of the device for which they make a product. 

Do you know what operating system you're making a product for or the specifics of the hardware? Do you think about what the analyst should know about software and hardware if it is a web service? 

In real cases, we will consider what is important to look at and what is important to know, as well as see how much it costs to make a mistake when an analyst thinks that he should not go beyond the requirements to the product features because there is a developer who will think about everything himself. 

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